– Freeform Crochet
– Mixed Media – surface design in free creativity with knitting, crocheting,
embroidery and felting
– Fair Isle and intarsia knitting
– Patchwork knitting part I and part II
– Knit socks
– Learn to knit – Beginners course
– Learn to crochet – Beginners course

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selected designs with templates and instructions:
– Making caps
– Crochet jewellery
– Knit Patchwork Jacket
– Triangular scarf „Frida“

What participants say:

It is a great need for me to thank you again for yesterday’s workshop „freeform crochet“, you have given me many new impulses and ideas. I was very impressed to try something new with them and to get to know design possibilities, and the very next day I already had new ideas for new creations in my head ….
Thank you again very much

On Saturday the 2nd march 2019 I visited the workshop „Freeform Crochet“. I was curious how the „free crochet“ would work and I was very excited about the course. I have to say that my expectations were completely fulfilled. As a special suggestion, I took the arrangement of the colors after photos/pictures with me. Also the results are impressive. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned in my own projects.

Until two days before the workshop I didn’t know anything about freeform crocheting and now I’m right in the middle! I’m totally thrilled and have a thousand ideas and pictures in my head. The instructions for the most important samples and how to put them together were really easy to understand – our end products that day were really great!
And that’s what I think is brilliant: What came out in the end was very different – and that’s what makes it so unique. You can’t do anything wrong, everything can be combined and put together: Colours, patterns, shapes … Thank you for opening a door to a new crochet adventure country!!!! I felt very comfortable with you and look forward to the next time!

I am totally excited about this workshop „Freeform Crochet“! It’s ideal for me, because I can work without worries and freely. The creativity and fantasy grows with „doing“.
I can really let off steam with colours and materials. The atmosphere in the „Wollerei“ is pleasantly calm, stimulating and inspiring. Andrea Ehmert was very competent, supported us very well and gave us valuable tips. I also think the time frame is very good – in one day you learn the most important basics.
After this workshop I had „sleep disorders“ for a week!!!! – I was so restless because of my creative urge! My project is a hat, now I have to make a deep brim so that I can cover my rings around the eyes!!!!

Thank you very much for this great workshop in a very cosy and personal atmosphere. My expectations of what I could take with me were exceeded by far and that wasn’t because I doubted your skills but because I hadn’t crocheted for decades and was totally out of practice. My still sparse crochet knowledge were refreshed and so I could easily follow the Freeform Workshop. I felt very well looked after and I am very interested in another workshop on this topic and can only recommend to all unconventional crocheters: „Crochet yourself free with Andrea!

I liked the workshop very much and did it well. I am generally interested in new techniques and at Freeform Crochet I was particularly attracted by the approach to a project. There is no precise instruction, but one’s own creativity shows the way. Sometimes it’s during crocheting that you get the idea of what to make of it.

Freestyle crocheting is ideal for craft enthusiasts who don’t want to or can’t read instructions for use. You still have to stick with the basic patterns and do them 1-2 times according to the instructions, but then there are no limits to your imagination. I took this course because I wanted to crochet a carpet for our vestibule – from cut jersey stripes. I have already made some patterns for practice, but I noticed that not all shapes are ideal for these ribbons. This becomes too big and too clumsy.